An Executive Summary of the publication outlines key policy implications.

This publication examines important Arctic issues related to energy that face Alaska today and in the near future. The topics include:

●       Alaska’s Arctic Oil Economy (Page 16)

●       Alaska’s Arctic Energy System (Page 21)

●       Climate Smart Infrastructure (Page 27)

●       Alaska in International Relations (Page 30)

Follow up on these important topics can be had with the following people:

Amy Lauren Lovecraft - (Report Lead)

Brett Watson - (Alaska’s Arctic Oil Economy)

Jeremy Kasper - (Alaska’s Arctic Energy System)

John Walsh - (Climate Smart Infrastructure)

Brandon Boylan - (Alaska in International Relations)

While there is not currently a routine suite of information for the State of Alaska legislature in relation to Arctic issues, the Arctic Policy Act of 2015 directs the state to attend to its Arctic nature. Its goal is to routinely provide information along the priorities this act lays out using the depth and breadth of the University of Alaska’s knowledge. 

The new national Arctic Strategy for the Arctic Region, released in October 2022, and Alaska’s growing global importance mean our state government’s decisions can be highly influential, especially in regards to energy.