ARCUS seeks nominations of candidates with enthusiasm and time (approximately 40 hours/year) to dedicate to ARCUS, who are willing and able to help ARCUS fulfill its vision and mission and achieve its strategic goals.

Nominees are welcome from any career level and type of organization.

The essential responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • Develop, and advocate for, ARCUS’ values, mission, goals, and activities
  • Hold fiduciary and legal responsibility for the corporation
  • Promote the interests of its member institutions and the larger Arctic research
  • community

Expectations and commitment:

  • Participate in virtual Board meetings (approximately six times/year);
  • Stay informed about the organization’s mission, policies, and programs;
  • Attend one in-person meeting per year (travel expenses will be paid by ARCUS);
  • Serve on committees or volunteer for Board tasks; and
  • Make an annual donation at a personally-meaningful level.

The ARCUS bylaws are available at: 


How to submit a nomination:

Nominations should include the person's name, affiliation, contact information, a short (no more than two pages) curriculum vitae or resume, and a brief statement on why the person would be an asset to the ARCUS Board of Directors. We request that prior to submitting a nomination, you first obtain the consent of the nominee. Self-nominations are welcome. The ARCUS Board will select a slate of nominees from the nominations; that slate of nominees will be sent to the ARCUS Membership Council for voting in December.

Nominations or questions should be sent to: Helen Wiggins, ARCUS Executive Director, at:

Nomination submission deadline: Friday, 1 December 2023, 5:00 p.m. AKT

For more information, go to: Board Member Job Description | ARCUS