This special issue is edited by Roland Kallenborn, UArctic Chair in Arctic Environmental Pollution Research, and Yi-Fan Li (lead) and Zi-Feng Zhang (member) of the Thematic Network on POPs and Chemicals of Emerging Concern in the Asian Arctic.

Environmental pollutants, such as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), can enter the Arctic via long-range transport (LRT) through atmospheric and ocean and river currents. On the other hand, chemicals of emerging Arctic concern (CEAC) are mainly introduced as local contaminants. Regardless of their origin, these contaminants have negative impacts on the health of the environment and the indigenous populations. Furthermore, in recent decades, the Arctic has experienced unprecedented climate changes. In this special issue, we will explore the current status of contaminants; their sources, LRT potentials and pathways, fate, spatial and temporal trends, multimedia partitioning processes, and impacts on the polar environment, ecosystem and humans in the changing Arctic.

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