This session is devoted to educational innovation and pedagogical scholarship related to the Arctic.  We invite presentations on all educational contexts – whether aimed at university students, school pupils, policy-makers, the general audience, or other stakeholders; whether in the classroom, in non-traditional settings, or as public outreach; whether conceptual or practical; and whether online, in print or in person.

In keeping with the general thrust of the UK Arctic Science conference, we invite presentations on teaching, communicating and promoting awareness of the Arctic as a critical part of planetary physical systems. However, bearing in mind that the Arctic is a valuable part of the global human community as well, we especially welcome presentations on educational innovations that connect these two important themes. We therefore encourage presentations with a broad and open approach to education, bridging Arctic natural science, social science and humanities. Similarly, we encourage presentations on educational innovations bridging Western science and Indigenous ways of knowing. Our overall aim is to promote reflective pedagogical best practice, and to help forge links between educators teaching about the Arctic in the UK, and beyond.

Interested scholars or practitioners should please submit abstracts following the submission guidelines on the British Antarctic Survey website.

The deadline for abstracts is 9 June 2023.  We look forward to your submissions!