About the research topic:

Atmosphere and Cryosphere are closely linked and need to be investigated as an interdisciplinary subject. Most of the Cryospheric areas have undergone severe changes in last decades while such areas have been more fragile and less adaptable to global climate changes. This AS-CR research section invites observational- and model-based investigations on any aspects of linkages between atmospheric processes and snow and ice on local, regional and global scales. In particular, we encourage studies that address aerosols (such as Black Carbon, Organic Carbon, dust, volcanic ash, microplastics, pollen, sea salt, diatoms, bioaerosols, bacteria, etc.) and changes in the cryosphere, e.g., effects on snow/ice melt and albedo. The work can also particularly focus on dust transport, aeolian deposition, volcanic dust, including health, environmental or climate impacts at high latitudes, mountains, in cold-, permafrost- and polar regions. Related topics are light absorbing impurities, cold deserts, dust storms, long-range transport, glaciers darkening, polar ecology, and more. The scientific understanding of the AS-CR interaction needs to be addressed better and linked to the global climate predictions scenarios.

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