UArctic Assembly is the annual meeting of UArctic members, which also serves as a platform of cooperation, networking and consultation between all UArctic members.

The Assembly Officers are the Assembly Chair, the Assembly Vice-Chair, and the Assembly Secretary. The Officers are elected by the Assembly from slates of nominees prepared by the Nominations Committee. Nominations may also be made by any member of the Assembly at any meeting in which an election takes place. Candidates must come from the ranks of member representatives and alternate representatives. Officers are elected for a three-year term, renewable once.

The officers of the Assembly are responsible for preparing action items for the Assembly and overseeing that decisions made by the Assembly are implemented. See UArctic Bylaws / Section 3 for further information about the UArctic Assembly, the role of its Officers and of Assembly Committees, and about Meetings of the Assembly.

The Nominations Committee is calling on UArctic member institutions for nominations to fill the vacant Assembly Vice-Chair position. Subsequently a slate of nominations will be prepared for final decision by the Assembly at their meeting on 2-3 June 2024.

Members of UArctic are invited to submit nominations to the Secretary of the Nominations Committee, Outi Snellman ( by 29 February 2024.