«I really love it here. It’s the landscape, the sun, the snow, the clean fresh air and the unique environment. The Finns think differently and they are very innovative. They are also known for their good education system and very unique design which is known all over the world. I believe this combination of good education and innovative and creative culture is the next step into the future. I think that is what makes this place so special.

Back in Vienna, Austria, I always had to pay for the public transport. Tickets for the semester were really expensive. But here everything is so close that you can just bike to the university, work and around the city. That’s what all Finns do all year round. This saves a lot of money compared to many other universities. And the tuition fee is moderate too. So the cost of living and studying here are reasonable which is great.

One great thing, too, is that the teachers here are available and they respond your to the emails. And the selection of courses is versatile. I did many different kind of courses during my studies. For example I had service design, furniture design, graphic design and also developed my own photographs which I took with a pinhole camera. I got a really nice overview of what they are teaching here.

If you realise that you like this place while you are studying and perhaps start thinking of getting job here, then I really advice you to sign up for a Finnish course and study Finnish. It will make things much easier!»

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