What's AlaskaMester? It's the chance of a lifetime for your students! There are some experiences you can only have when you travel North, and whether your students are interested in science, culture and the arts, or just excited for an outdoor adventure like no other, UAF's AlaskaMester is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend a semester in Alaska, diving deep into their passions. This fully-accredited and for-credit program packages unique, transformative opportunities for your students to come together with others from all over the country and local Alaskans to exchange ideas and learn in the largest natural laboratory — Alaska. 

With curriculum centered around Alaska’s unique biogeographical and cultural landscapes, the featured coursework will explore Alaska’s unique natural history, natural resources, and the impact of climate change in the Arctic through diverse mediums.

Program's four customized tracks are tailored towards the climate activist, the field researcher, the outdoor explorer, and the passionate creative. Click this link to learn more and get started at the AlaskaMester website