UArctic Board members in attendance included President of the University of Alaska Pat Pitney, and Member of the Folketing (the Danish Parliament) Aaja Chemnitz. Some of UArctic senior leadership also joined the event: Morgan Dulian, UArctic Executive Director of Development and Executive Director of the UArctic Foundation (US); Diane Hirshberg, UArctic VP Academic; and Gä̀gala-ƛ̓iƛ̓ətko (Nadia Joe), UArctic VP Indigenous. UArctic Chair in School Effectiveness and School Improvement Kirk Anderson also joined the senior leadership in representing UArctic during the three-day symposium.

Morgan Dulian And Diane Hirshberg At Arctic Encounter 2024
UArctic Executive Director of Development Morgan Dulian and VP Academic Diane Hirshberg, both residents of Alaska, representing UArctic at Arctic Encounter


UArctic also had a booth on site, featuring films, Shared Voices magazines, and information on the 2024 Discovering UArctic Golf Experience which will take place 1-4 September 2024 in Lofoten, Norway. The UArctic Foundation (US) is hosting the Golf Experience and space is limited but still available through June. The Discovering UArctic program is designed to offer immersive experiences for philanthropic people and families who are interested in the North, and they are oftentimes collaborations between philanthropic networks and UArctic member institutions and researchers. The 2024 program highlights UArctic activities in engineering and technology/transport and logistics, climate actions, and Arctic entrepreneurship.

The mission of the Arctic Encounter Symposium is to convene leaders and experts from every arena to tackle the shared interests and concerns of the United States and the global community as we look North to the last emerging frontier - the Arctic. The Arctic Encounter strives to challenge the status quo dialogue, critically address challenges to realizing the Arctic's full potential, advocate for the peoples who live there, and collaborate on sustainable solutions for the future.

UArctic and the UArctic Foundation (US) look forward to growing their relationship with Arctic Encounters to continue the important work of showcasing the UArctic member universities, institutes and organizations, and the UArctic Thematic Networks' work to the North American audience.

By Morgan Dulian
20 April 2024