The Board meeting agenda included the annual financial reports, national and philanthropic fundraising, UArctic's External Evaluation, development of large projects, nominations to UArctic positions, membership fee 2025, UArctic Chairs, and more. Many of the agenda items will be brought to the UArctic Assembly meeting for members to discuss and decide. 

The meeting program included visits to local industries, with focus on green transition in Northern Sweden. The Board discussed about fossil-free steel production, circular innovations with mining waste and growing investments in Northern Sweden. The Board also engaged with local community and decisionmakers, including Lotta Finstorp, the County Governor of Norrbotten County, Carina Sammeli, the Mayor of Luleå municipality, Katarina Gårdfelt, the Director-General of Swedish Polar Research Secretariat, and Dag Avango, the Director of the Arctic Five. 

Board members getting to know Gammelstad Church Town in Luleå
Board members visiting Gammelstad Church Town in Luleå.