Oulanka Research Station

The Oulanka Research Station 

Welcome to visit the unique Oulanka Research Station! It functions as a multidisciplinary unit with a responsibility to coordinate the University of Oulu's activities in the northeastern Finland. The modern research and educational facilities provide an inspiring environment not only for researchers and teachers, but also for organisers of courses, seminars and conferences.

The Oulanka Research Station is situated within the Oulanka National Park. Located c. 25 km south of the Arctic circle, 13 km west of the Russian border.

The station is offering multiple possibilities for various research topics. Oulanka has a broad range of long-term biological and physical/chemical data series available for researchers. These datasets cover timeseries on meteorology, water chemistry of streams and lakes, phenology, ice cover, snow cover, active layer depth and air pollution.

The station has two well equipped laboratories, an auditorium, workshops, computer room.

Accommodation for up to 80 people, lunch room, sauna and laundry room.




Institution University of Oulu
Country Finland
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Earth sciences
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation Finnish
Keywords watereducationborealbiologybiodiversity


The station is open year around. The prices for accommodation, meals and laboratory costs can be found from the station website. Special permitting is needed for certain types of reserach projects, please contact the station manager for inquiries whether special permitting is needed.

Contact information

Station manager Riku Paavola

tel + 358 40 176 1224

email: riku.paavola(at)oulu.fi


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