Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning

The idea of developing a scenario planning process for Alaska emerged in 2006 from discussions by an interdisciplinary group of about a dozen faculty members at the University of Alaska. The consensus of that group was that such a process would be feasible and would be one of the most useful ways that University of Alaska researchers could convey the societal significance of their research to Alaskan decision-makers and other stakeholders.

Understanding current and future trajectories of climate and other variables helps to develop credible projections which advise policy and management across Alaska and the Arctic. SNAP was launched in 2007, with Dr. Scott Rupp as Network Director, and a three-person staff. In the past four years, SNAP has grown from a single-room effort to a bustling office of over 30 researchers, programmers, students and staff.

Institution University of Alaska Fairbanks
Country United States
Infrastructure type On-line collection or database
Disciplines Environmental sciences
Language of operation English
Keywords researchclimate changeclimatearcticalaska


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