Large Animal Research Station

LARS serves excellence in research and education in high-latitude biology and provides facilities for and expertise in maintaining colonies of large animals, coordinating educational opportunities, and conducting community outreach in support of the UAF mission.

LARS is located on a former homestead established by Mike Yankovich, who donated the property to UAF on October 12, 1963 for the purpose of conducting muskox research. The site comprises 134 acres (approximately 50% pasture, 50% boreal forest), with a centralized handling facility, equipment for large animal restraint, a laboratory, a metabolic research building, state of the art classroom, feed and bedding storage units, offices and living quarters. The facility is licensed for radio-tracer studies and is inspected for approval of animal research under federal and state authorities.

Research emphasis includes studies on comparative nutritional and reproductive physiology, endocrine and physiological controls, behavior and energetics, genetics and disease. Research projects involve UAF graduate and undergraduate students, UAF faculty and research associates, visiting scientists and interns.

Thousands of people visit LARS each year, using a viewing and informational display area adjacent to the facility, or attending one of the tours of the station conducted during the summer.

The station also serves in an educational and outreach capacity, providing the opportunity to introduce students—from primary grades through adult continuing education—to wildlife and wildlife research. High school and undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research projects under guidance of university faculty and graduate students. Many UAF biology and wildlife instructors incorporate visits to LARS as part of their courses.

Institution University of Alaska Fairbanks
Country United States
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Language of operation English
Keywords arctic biologylarge animalsanimalsbiology


Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM

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