UArctic President's Cabinet

The UArctic President’s Cabinet provides concrete support to the UArctic President on philanthropic fundraising through generating awareness of, investment for, and support to UArctic activities in specific areas.

The UArctic President’s Cabinet consists of individuals serving in an advisory capacity. Based on their background and interest, members of the President's Cabinet support the UArctic President by:

  • Helping build a community of supporters for UArctic's philanthropic fundraising
  • Providing independent objective advice about fundraising strategy and external relations related to philanthropy
  • Helping implement fundraising and communications strategies through a combination of personal influence, support and advice
  • Assisting with the involvement of potential supporters, including soliciting gifts
  • Helping raise the profile and visibility of UArctic’s philanthropic fundraising
President's Cabinet members

Members are normally appointed with focus on a specific issue, activity area or a region for a fixed term, usually for three years.

The current members of the UArctic President's Cabinet are:

  • Michael Carey (focus: UArctic Entrepreneurship Fund, regional support in the US)
  • Stephen Heal (focus: UArctic Founders' Fund / Heal Fund)
  • Vikas Shah (focus: regional support in the UK)