Call for Nominations: Arctic Academic Action Award

FP Award Reception At The Arctic Circle Assembly

The call for nominations for the 2024 Frederik Paulsen Arctic Academic Action Award is now closed. Thank you for your submissions!


The Full Call and Nomination Process

The goal of the Arctic Academic Action Award is to further the development of new ideas that could contribute materially to preventing, mitigating, adapting, and reversing the effects of climate change in the Arctic.

Nominees should propose creative ideas that are action- and results-oriented and at an early stage of development. These ideas should nevertheless be grounded in academic research and scholarship, while also, where appropriate, giving due regard to the knowledge practices of Arctic residents, including Indigenous peoples. Nominations should describe an action that addresses the causes or impacts of climate change on the Arctic region. Ideas can be broad in scope, or geared toward local issues but could have results scalable to the entire Arctic region, and potentially beyond. We are looking for bright new ideas from people/groups with a demonstrable drive to see something achievable happen, and in the near future.

The call for nominations is inclusive and open to all. Nominations can come from individuals or small groups, including community groups and organizations. Both self-nominations and nominations from others on behalf of the idea are accepted. In addition to established experts, emerging and mid-career professionals are encouraged to apply with ideas.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominations will be reviewed by the Award Council made up of leading Arctic experts from around the globe. Evaluations will be based on:

Relevance to the Arctic

  • How does the idea address the impact of climate change on the Arctic through preventing, mitigating, adapting, or even reversing its effects?
  • How does the idea involve Arctic residents directly or indirectly and to what extent?
  • Is the idea scalable to other regions of the Arctic? Beyond?

Moving Knowledge to Action

  • Is the idea grounded in scientific knowledge or other knowledge systems?
  • How does the idea take basic knowledge and propose meaningful action?

Feasibility and Potential Impact

  • Does the nomination outline a reasonable and achievable path forward to action?
  • Does the nomination address likely risks or impediments to the development of the idea?
  • Why and how would the award be beneficial to the development of the idea?
  • Are the parties involved capable of carrying out the development of the idea?
  • Do the letters of support add credibility to the idea?

Nomination Process

Nominations should be submitted by April 30, 2024 for full consideration using the form found here.

Nomination Materials:

  • Nominee(s) contact information
  • Nominator(s) contact information, if applicable
  • Description (1000-word limit or <5-minute video)
    • Include background of the issue and its relevance to the Arctic, demonstrate how knowledge is put into action, the next steps for the idea, feasibility and potential risks.
  • Resume/CV for nominee(s) (max 2 pages each)
  • Up to 3 letters of support for the nomination addressing the following:
    • How would the idea impact the Arctic, its residents and potentially beyond through preventing, mitigating, adapting, or even reverting the effects of climate change?
    • What qualifications does the nominee(s) have to carry out the idea?
    • How would the award help the idea?
    • Note: If the nomination is not self-nominated, one of the letters should be from the nominator.
  • Optional: Additional information (max 2 pages)
    • E.g. website links, press releases, references/citations, links to videos

Submitting nomination description as text:

  • Please submit the description as a PDF to ensure information comes through formatted as intended. Please also submit the nomination form with all required information.
  • Up to 2 figures with captions can be included and are optional.

Submitting nomination description as a video:

  • Please also submit the nomination form with all required information. In the Description section of the form, enter the link for downloading the video (e.g. through Dropbox or Google Drive). Please make sure the video is downloadable with link only; no sign-in required.
  • Videos do not need to be professionally produced. They can be a recording from a cell phone, recorded Zoom chat, recorded PowerPoint presentation, etc.
  • Videos should be under five (5) minutes in length.

Nominations must be complete and follow instructions. Written text should be submitted in English. Videos can be in other languages but must have English subtitles. Incomplete nominations or nominations that do not follow instructions will not be considered.

For questions about the nomination process, contact Kristmundur Þór Ólafsson at


February 7 - Call for nominations opens
April 30 - Call for nominations closes
May 30 - Announcement of short-listed nominees (in case of multiple finalists) 
June - Internal interviews for short-listed nominees with Award Science Advisory Panel (online; in case of multiple finalists)
Oct 17-19 - Recipient(s) announced at Arctic Circle Assembly

*Note: Only the recipient(s) of the award will be notified prior to the announcement at the Arctic Circle Assembly.