Thematic Network on Arctic Telecommunications and Networking

The network shall bring together people interested to investigate and develop telecommunication and networking in the Arctic region. As a cross cutting topic between the thematic networks it calls other networks to share their views what lack of proper connectivity means in their field and what benefits properly working connectivity could offer.


The goal is to increase knowledge of communications system status and inform about new developments in the field related to the Arctic areas. The second goal is to collect user needs, problems and benefits related to connectivity from various fields.

The way of working includes

  • maintain the list of useful information sites of both the goals
    • link proposals to sites are more than welcome
  • discussion and information sharing meetings (e.g., in UARCTIC events) within the network and between the networks
  • news provided by members about/from various related events
    • please send them to the lead

Please contact the TN lead Harri Saarnisaari if you would like to join the network.

Other Information

More information and past activities can be found here.

Video interview: Harri Saarnisaari, Lead of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Telecommunications and Networking