We kindly ask you to send an abstract into the session and contribute discussion around the important topic. We eagerly want to hear opinions and viewpoints outside from our core network.

Session description:

Arctic areas typically suffer from poor Internet connectivity. Yet, such connectivity is vital for modern societies. Previous generations mobile access technologies like 3G,4G and currently 5G have not satisfactorily addressed the problems of the unconnected. As a result of low population densities, long distances, lacking infrastructure etc. the operators’ willingness to invest in the arctic regions is low. The next generation, 6G, is still in the “what-will-it-be” stage and risks are that previous mistakes will be made again. While the important topic of digital inclusion is mentioned and discussed in main 6G discussions today, a fortified pushing from communities is still needed to make it a reality.

This session aims to gather connectivity use cases in rural and remote arctic areas. The session welcomes proposals that include end user needs, use cases and concerns related to connectivity, as well as connectivity technology ideas. We plan for 5-7 short oral presentations from relevant stakeholders followed by a 15 min moderator-led discussion.

Organizer: Jaap van de Beek, co-organizers: Harri Saarnisaari, Tauno Tepsa

Abstract guidelines

Abstract submission deadline: 5th January 2024 at 17:00 CET