Thematic Network on Decolonization of Arctic Library and Archives Metadata (DALAM)

The DALAM network works in the area of decolonization of metadata, descriptive cataloguing, archival description, classification systems, subject headings, and other terminology that is used by libraries and archives. The network serves as a community of practice for librarians, archivists and information professionals who work in this area.


  • To help libraries and archives correct the culturally inappropriate, incorrect and colonially centered metadata, subject headings and descriptive records which currently exist in Arctic collections.
  • To support Indigenous Peoples in defining the ways in which they and their environments are described in this domain.
  • To make Arctic Indigenous languages more present in metadata, subject headings and descriptive records.
  • To build infrastructure, practices, tools, and relationships among Thematic Network partners to promote sustainability going forward.


  • Regular meetings of the network to identify issues and problems that the network partners can jointly address
  • Biennial Network meetings in conjunction with the Polar Libraries Colloquy to provide opportunities for sharing research results
  • Develop shared tools to help partners in their decolonization work
  • Develop educational activities for partners
  • Meets monthly
  • Recruit additional partners, particularly Indigenous partners
  • Planning sessions for the 29th Polar Libraries Colloquy to be held in Tromsø, Norway in 2024
  • Educational events for members
  • Development of an inventory of community approved dictionaries and terminology lists
  • Presentations in 2024:
    • Brillant, S. Vocabulaire décrivant les Peuples autochtones (RVM) : une méthodologie sur-mesure, un projet hors du commun / Subject-headings describing Indigenous Peoples in the RVM : a tailor-made methodology, an extraordinary project Ontario Library Association (OLA) Superconference 2024, Toronto, ON. January 25th, 2024 (in person, 7 participants).


Scite Dashboard

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Other Information

More information and past activities can be found here.

Communications and administration contact: Polar Libraries Colloquy: Sandy Campbell (Secretary)

Video interview: Sandy Campbell, Member of the UArctic Thematic Network on Decolonization of Arctic Library and Archives Metadata (DALAM)