Thematic Network on UArctic World Ensemble

The thematic focus is to encourage interest, understanding and knowledge about the development of contemporized circumpolar musical traditions among higher music educational institutions in the circumpolar region.


The network aims to pave the way for a new contemporary circumpolar musical tradition with an artistic research-based approach which brings arctic-ethnic musical expressions and classical and jazz-/improvised-based music together in a respectful interplay. 

The ultimate vehicle for this artistic research-based approach is the Arctic World Ensemble project (AWE).


The network will develop a system of student and teacher exchanges that gradually will form the base for an artistic research-based circumpolar co-partnered music ensemble which by blending arctic-ethnic musical expressions with western classical and jazz-/improvised tradition, will create a genuine arctic sound that can inspire higher music education institutions in the circumpolar region to nurture and develop music traditions in the region.

The AWEensemble will provide researchers, teachers and students in the participating institutions, with a vehicle for developing, studying and performing musical/artistic expressions from the circumpolar Arctic on the highest international artistic level.

  • The network will aim to create one minor production each year comprising at least two of the network members. The long-term goal will be to create and put on stage one production per year.
  • Through 2017 and early 2018 the network has planned two trips to Canada with the purpose of collecting music from indigenous people.
  • Meeting in St. John's, Memorial University making them a member of our network, March 2017
  • Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia with representatives and dancers from our partner in Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia in May 2017.
  • Preparing and filming for our performance at the Arctic Art Summit, Harstad, Norway.
  • Concert and Lecture during Arctic Art Summit, Harstad, Norway in June 2017

Visit also the home page of Department of Music, Dance and Drama, located at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Other Information

Fred Glesnes, Lead of the UArctic World Ensemble