UiT The Arctic University of Norway


Uniquely located at 70 degrees north, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway is the northernmost university in the world. Established in 1968, the University  is a modern, broad, high-tech university with outstanding degree programs at bachelor, master and PhD level in 8 faculties: humanities, social sciences and education; medicine and health; science and technology; biosciences, fisheries and economics; law; fine arts; and sports, tourism and social services.

11 % of the students and approx. 20 % of the  academic staff members are non-Norwegians. Student-teacher ratio is very favourable and the learning environment is truly international. One third of the master’s degree programs are taught in English and many of them are multidisciplinary. Like all Norwegian public institutions, there are no tuition fees at UiT. Located in the cities of the High North and surrounded by some of Europe’s last pristine wild nature, UiT are unique study destinations on top of the world.

Our four main campuses, Tromsø, Alta, Harstad and Narvik are modern and well equipped. The Student Welfare Organisation offers student housing, counselling, catering, kindergardens and sports facilities. Each semester the International Office arranges an Introductory programme (The International Debut Week) for new international students securing a good start and social integration into the UiT community. International student advisers at the faculties assist the international students regarding their studies abroad.  The International Student Union arranges events throughout the semesters and cooperates regularly with the International Office.

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway supports the development of outstanding research, both basic and applied, in all disciplines, but with particular emphasis on cross- and interdisciplinary research efforts focusing on the needs, problems and opportunities of the North. Particular focus is placed on biomarine studies, biomedicine and biotechnology, health and welfare studies, including telemedicine and social medicine. Arctic governance, climate and environmental research in the Arctic and sub-Arctic region in the light of climate change are key areas of interest. Indigenous and ethnic studies, especially on the Sami language and identity, are fields of national responsibility. UiT is a motor in the implementation of the Government’s Strategy for the High North. Thus, northern/Arctic studies and research is our privilege and commitment.

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Web http://uit.no
Year Established 1968
Total Number of Staff 3441
Number of Academic Staff 1700
Number of Students 16333
Focus Areas

Natural sciences
Health sciences
Fishery science and aquaculture research
Governance, history, culture and languages of the North

Web link for international students https://en.uit.no/startsida
Fields of Study Offered Teacher training and education science (broad programmes)
Arts (broad programmes)
Humanities (broad programmes)
Social and behavioural science (broad programmes)
Business and administration (broad programmes)
Law (broad programmes)
Life science (broad programmes)
Physical science (broad programmes)
Mathematics and statistics (broad programmes)
Computing (broad programmes)
Engineering and engineering trades (broad programmes)
Manufacturing and processing (broad programmes)
Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes)
Health (broad programmes)
Security services (broad programmes)

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