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Tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, pollution, terror, oil spills, fires and pandemics often attract the media's attention. Fortunately, many of these hazards are relatively rare, but due to climate changes and globalisation, we are likely to experience a greater number of hazards and disaster situations in the future. This is why we need people trained in managing risks and emergencies both nationally and internationally. The emergency and risk manager is proactive and plays an important role in preventing disaster situations, minimising damages and saving lives when disaster strikes. The emergency and risk manager takes care of safety and security in private and public organisations and is concerned with business continuity.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Emergency and Risk Management is developed in cooperation with the Danish Emergency Management Agency and Danish Red Cross, and is located at Copenhagen University College in Copenhagen. Societal security, risk assessment, emergency and contingency planning, prevention, response, coordination and management are keywords that describe the content of the programme and its graduates. The programme’s 14 modules are a combination of theoretical and practical training, enabling students to achieve vast insight into what it means to work with emergency and risk management in a Danish or international context.

Facts and figures

Year Established 2009
Total Number of Staff 22
Number of Academic Staff 18
Number of Students 310
Focus Areas

- Strengthens the capacity of the emergency response profession and thus the safety of citizens.

- Stimulate the development within (rescue) preparedness and helps to qualify debate on this subject.

- Support skills development within the profession with new continuing education programs, including diploma and master's degree programs.

- Developer-professed research skills through PhD programs and programs.

- Contribute to the professional and didactic further development of University College Copenhagen Bachelor's Degree Program in Disaster and Risk Management.

- Contribute to the development of University College Copenhagen education and project portfolio.

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Fields of Study Offered Social and behavioural science (others)
Protection of persons and property