Lund University

Lund University has a long and vibrant history covering almost 350 years of teaching. It has evolved from just a few hundred students and professors being paid with meat and grain into its present form, with around 47 000 students and a position of excellence in international teaching and research.

Lund University is highly ranked in many international comparisons of higher education and has been consistently placed in the world's top 100 universities in recent years (placed among the top 0.4% of the world's universities).

Lund University has an important role to play internationally, nationally and regionally at a time when major global challenges such as health, the environment, human rights and sustainable development call for an ability to understand and explain the world in order to improve it.

Facts and figures

Year Established 1666
Total Number of Staff 7500
Number of Academic Staff 5150
Number of Students 47700