Social Policy in the High North: A successful master course!

Text: Asgeir Solstad
Photo: Peter Glanfield

master_in_social_work_classroom_picture_largeIt was a true international course. The approx. 25 students came from Cameroon in south to Canada in the north. And the teachers came from Russia, Norway, Canada, USA, Finland and Sweden. The first course on master level in “Social Policy in the High North” was held at Bodø University College the first week of October.

This kind of course represents an unusual chance to a comprehensive, but at the same time close look at the topic from different angles. The teachers, who also are researchers, also enjoyed the possibilities to discuss important questions with other colleagues.

The course also was special to the “Thematic Network of Social Work”, as it was the first course we were responsible for with such a broad team of teachers. This also meant that the potential of the network was discussed with many new colleagues. Hopefully this will lead to new activities within a network, which are becoming more and more active. 

Prof. Elena Golubeva from Pomor State University in Archangel, Russia and Prof. Doug Durst from University of Regina, Canada were two of the teachers at the course