Structure and schedule

The Calotte Academy 2010 will be a travelling symposium in four locations and will support dialogue among members of the research community, students, and other northern stakeholders in the area. The Academy will be structured so that there will be a working session with academic presentations and / or a public session with expert presentations in each location. In addition, the 2010 Academy will also act as a sub-forum for the 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum, which will take place in October 24-27, 2010 in Norway (see NRF website).

The Calotte Academy 2010 will start in Apatity, where it will be organized back-to-back to the 5th international scientific conference, "The North and the Arctic in the New World Development Paradigm - Luzin Readings 2010" in April 8-10, 2010 organized by the Institute of Economic Studies and the Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences (see First Call for Papers). "Back-to-back" means that the sessions of the CA2010 will be run on the 9th of April, and the Plenary Session and Reception of the Conference will be on the 8th of April. The main theme of the CA2010 supports the conference theme by giving additional points of view.

Main theme

The theme for the Academy 2010 is "The High North in World Politics and Economics". The theme includes two main aspects, Politics and Economics and two main geographical contexts, the High North and the World. The idea is that the papers submitted will cover at least one of the main aspects and deal with both of the contexts. And further, that each paper will bring 1-2 points of view to the main theme.

There is also a tentative idea to make a publication on the main theme based on the paper presentations at the Academy 2010. Therefore, each presenter is asked to write and deliver an abstract on her / his presentation beforehand.

After Apatity the Calotte Academy will continue in Murmansk on the 10th of April and in Kirkenes, Norway on the 12th April. The 11th of April, Sunday is reserved for travel. The Academy will finish in Inari, Finland on the 13th of April.

When travelling from Rovaniemi, Finland to Apatity on the 7th of April there is a tentative plan to stop in Salla (which is located just beside the Russian border) for a short discussion on northern economies and economic development in East Lapland hosted by the Municipality of Salla.

Participation and registration

All the participants of the Calotte Academy who will have a presentation are asked to confirm the participation and send the title of their paper as soon as possible to:

Lassi Heininen:
Svein Helge Orheim

(The participants of the Calotte Academy, who will come to Apatity, are asked to register themselves directly to the international scientific conference, "Luzin Readings 2010" (see First Call for Papers) and apply their own visa for Russia. At the conference there will be a conference fee of 100 EUR (incl. conference materials, meals, coffees, transportation and reception) to be paid a registration.)