Students in the course will study soil geography and soil forming factors such as parent material, landform, vegetation, climate, time, permafrost, and fire along ecological transect from boreal forest to arctic tundra in northern Alaska. The class emphasizes hands-on experiences excavating and sampling permafrost-affected soils and diagnosing soil morphological properties. At each site, soil classification and land use interpretations such as infrastructure development and wetland will be discussed.

Participants are limited to 15 and each must provide their own camp gear, be able to walk on uneven or rocky ground, and be physically fit for fieldwork. Students must have previously completed course NRM F380 or a course in soils, or obtain permission of instructor.

Course cost for NRM 489 (undergraduate level) is $917, and course cost for NRM 689 (graduate level) $1074. Costs include a $750 field trip fee plus a one-credit fee at the corresponding level. The field trip fee includes the class guidebook, four days' camping and two days' lodging, and all meals from noon July 7 to noon July 13.

Online registration begins Monday, 1 March 2010.

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