When she had time away from her books she had the chance to experience hiking on Ounasvaara ski hill paths and spot the beautiful aspects of the changing landscape. Before studying at the University of Lapland she completed her BA and MA in Social Anthropology at the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. Her Master’s research brought her to Kugluktuk, Nunavut in Canada’s Central Arctic, where she investigated the life aspirations of Inuit youth’s. “Inuit Youths: Outlook and ambitions in the 21st Century” highlights the possible frustrations and challenges of young people’s everyday life experiences and their outlook on their future as Northern Canadians. This location where she completed her research is also the home of her boyfriend whom she met in Rovaniemi five years ago.

 Traveling to the Jokkmokk Winter Conference in Sweden, exploring the Pyhatunturi National Park in Finland, and watching reindeer get round-up, are a few of the educational experiences she has had during the ASP program. All together with more than 20 classes, papers and exams written from September/May she has compiled enough about the Arctic to carry her on to her next step.

Her immediate plan is to visit her family and attend her Master’s graduation ceremony in July. Afterwards she will go back to Kugluktuk with her boyfriend and continue seeking opportunities that the Canadian Arctic has to offer. She will not forget the many times she has ventured into Lapland exploring the outdoors and enjoyed relaxing by a Finnish ‘laavu’ camp fire.