This year’s Academy is centred on the theme of ‘The High North in World Politics and Economics’, with presentations covering the fields of politics, economics and the environment. The Academy has also been organized in conjunction with the ‘The North and the Arctic in the New World murmansk humanities institute logoDevelopment Paradigm - Luzin Readings 2010’ held in Apatity from April 8-10, as well as the meeting of the Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security held Kirkenes April 11. The group will be meeting with three UArctic members on its journey, the Kola Science Centre in Apatity, the Murmansk Humanities Insitute in Murmansk and the Barents Institute in Kirkenes. The University of the Arctic’s Harry Borlase will be travelling with the group and sending updates from its stops.


Further information came be found from the official program.


The Calotte Academy 2010 is an annual travelling symposium for a dialogue among members of the research community and students, and a wide range of other northern stakeholders. Further, the Academy is structured so that in each location there will be a working session with academic presentations and / or a public session with expert presentations. It first began in 1991 based on an initiative developed in Inari. Further information on the Academy can be found from here.