Some of the grants will be reserved for Russian students and academics from non-partner universities, for Russian professionals and public administration personnel outside the academic sphere, and e.g. for teachers in regional educational systems and the indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation. In the previous application rounds some grantees have been from the UArctic member institutions, and hopefully also this time there will be successful applicants in Target Group 2 and 3 of the project to any of the ten European universities.

Scholarships are available for undergraduate, masters, doctorate,  and post-doctorate mobilities. Duration of the exchange period can vary from one semester to 34 months. Mobilities may start in spring 2011, at the earliest. Exchange students at undergraduate and master levels applying for whole academic year are encouraged to apply for studies starting in autumn 2011. Degree studies:  Prior applying all applicants interested in degree studies should contact the host universities. In most partner universities, the Triple I applicant will not get enrolled in a degree program unless s/he has applied study right from the university. The grant period can start earliest in January 2011. All mobilities have to start latest in October 2011.

The Call for Applications is open until 31 August 2010, 14:00 Finnish time (GMT +2) at the latest.  For more information see and

For more information contact Heli Hurme (