The AFPA Project is a first attempt at calculating Europe’s contribution to the impact on the Arctic environment and inhabitants. At the same time, the project also examines the effectiveness of EU policies in mitigating Arctic impacts. Both of these assessments will be considered in relation to possible future scenarios. The overall goal is to improve the effectiveness of EU environmental policies with respect to the Arctic region, especially as relates to the implementation of existing policies and a new Arctic Policy for the EU.  

The aim of the 12-month project is to share findings with policymakers and key Arctic stakeholders and experts. To this end the final expert meeting held in Brussels in November 2010 gathered Arctic experts and policymakers and included their feedback into the final report, which can be downloaded here.  

Arctic Footprint is funded by the European Commission (DG Environment) and is being led by four institutes: Ecologic Institute (Germany; Project Co-ordinator), Arctic Centre (Finland), Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden), and Sustainable Europe Research Institute (Austria).