It gave the board members an excellent opportunity to experience what has been gained so far by cooperation among Uarctic member institutions in the High North. The board spent three days on meetings and visits to the two state universities in Murmansk, and became updated on the state of the established cooperation on Bachelor of Northern Studies.

FUC Board in Murmansk 1The program, making use of the core BCS courses, has had a most successful development since it was started in 2010, and the cooperation with Murmansk State Humanities University is also including research and development work. “Our intention is to make this program of special relevance for students in the Barents region by adding new modules on the region”, says the project lead, per Moeller. “These new modules on economy, politics and culture will be launched during 2012 and we are proud to present our updated BNS degree program to our partners and students.”

The board was given a warm welcome at Murmansk Humanities University. The meeting with Rector Andrey Sergeev and the deans of the faculties made it clear that cooperation could also become extended to other programs. The two rectors agreed on cooperation not only on specific study fields, the exchange of students and teachers, but also on research and development work. A revisit to Alta and the college in the spring semester is a following up on these intentions as both parties agreed on the potential for increased cooperation.

The board became also p
FUC Board in Murmansk 2 resented to student facilities at the university, including lodging in the student hostels. A student band performance on Norwegian, English and Russian gave a pleasant break of the meeting.

A visit to Murmansk State Technical University was also included, where the board met with rector Alexander Ershov, vice-rectors and International Office and became informed on the university, programs and possibilities for increased cooperation. In the spring semester seven graduates from each of the two universities will qualify for the Bachelor of Northern Studies double degree diploma, something that calls for a graduation ceremonies in early June.

While visiting the two universities, lectures for the BNS students were held by teachers from Finnmark University College. "To meet students and lecture for them is a great event for all of us ", says the lecturer Peter Haugseth, living in Kirkenes and working at the college's branch. " I am living only some few hours by car from Murmansk, so I can easily visit students at their own campus.

FUC Board in Murmansk 3"Our policy", says Per Moeller, "is to keep close contact with our partner institutions and the students". "That is why we also like to include our Russian partner institutions in the further development of the BNS degree program. By now we are able to offer three advanced emphasis options, so the students can choose which specialization they like to do. And one of these programs, offered online, will be further developed together with professors from our partner institutions."
The renewed interest for cross-border cooperation with Russian universities has become underlined by the board visit. The rector of Finnmark University Colleg