The authors of the presented photographs are students, the Department specialists and international students who had practical training and internship at the Department of Northern Studies.

The photo works of the department specialists Viktor Tomsky, Irina Dranaeva, Larisa Shelokhovskaya are on the main site of the exhibition and present beautiful nature of Yakutia, Karelia, Murmansk region and the Greenland sea area: landscape, people, northern cultures, unique flora and fauna. It is remarkable that Irina and Larisa are young specialists of the Department who were on exchange within “North2North” student mobility program in Norway and Sweden.

Organizers say that the peculiarity of the photo exhibition "Arctic in the camera objective" is that works are represented by students who participated in the “North2North” student mobility program. The visitors admired the northern life and landscape and noted the fresh look of the works.

International students of the Department- Jennan Ferguson, Ph.D student from the University of Aberdeen (Great Britain), Tanja Litmanen, Master of Geography at the University of Turku (Finland), Lea Silto, Bachelor of Geography at the University of Turku (Finland), Tuomas Suutarinen, graduate student at the University of Helsinki (Finland) who also had practical training at the Department showed the beauty of nature of South Yakutia and central regions of the Republic.