Gail Fondahl will take over as IASSA president September 1, 2011.

Gail Fondahl submitted a bid for the IASSA secretariat - to be hosted by University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), Prince George, Canada – and won the bid at the election for IASSA secretariat held at the IASSA General Assembly at ICASS VII in Akureyri. Three candidates were bidding for the IASSA secretariat; UNBC, Yukon College, and University of Nordland at Bodø.

After the announcement of the location of the new secretariat, an election for IASSA council was held. Eight councillors were elected, and Gail Fondahl was announced new president by the newly elected IASSA council.

There are nine councillors on the newly elected IASSA council: eight councillors were elected by the General Assembly; and IASSA President Joan Nymand Larsen (2008-2011) continues on the IASSA council as past president (ex-officio).