It is our pleasure to remind you of the 6th Open Assembly of the Northern Research Forum (NRF), entitled ´Our Ice Dependent World´, which will be held in Hveragerði, Iceland, 3rd - 6th of September 2011.

The Open Assembly will address the three “poles” – the Arctic, the Antarctic and the Himalayans — targeting policy-makers, the research community, business people, civil society and community leaders from these areas.
The main theme of the 6th NRF Open Assembly includes several integrated sub-themes representing different perspectives for viewing the subject of natural ice and evaluating its importance. The sub-themes cover the interface of nature and society, humanity and communities, knowledge and education, international law and governance, economics, and geopolitics.

Sub Themes of the 6th NRF Open Assembly include:
- Implications of the ice melt;
- Humanity, communities, minds, perceptions and knowledge on ice;
- International law, ´soft law´ and governance on ice;
- Geopolitics and international security on ice 

Please consult the website for a thematic program, updates and further information concerning the NRF, its structure and activities. Download a copy of the 6th Open Assembly 'poster' HERE

We encourage you to register for the conference and field trip as soon as possible and take steps to secure accommodation.

REGISTRATION for the 6th NRF is OPEN at 
where you can also find information concerning THE VENUE and ACCOMMODATION in Hveragerði.

Further information on the NRF webpage; questions or concerns should be directed to the NRF secretariat at

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