Lessons are held only by operating specialists – experts in their fields – on the highest skill level. For the next three weeks students work directly in the operating departments of the plants – currently experience difficult but honorable work of metallurgist. At the end of the training students take the test on the basis of pyrohydrometallurgy.

It must be noted that Finland, as the location of a foreign field internship, was chosen not by accident. Because it is Finland that leads the world in ecological rating, both of the environmental protection, and of the level of development and implementation of "clean" - green technologies that preserve the nature of the North. This important experience of foreign field internship is a good example for the students of the Norilsk and encourages them to implement the lessons learned at the Taimyr, where the problems of environmental safety are now very serious.

Along with intensive field internship program students had the opportunity to travel. They saw local attractions of Harjavalta. There were tours in Pori, Tampere, Turku and Helsinki. They managed to attend a one-day cruise with visit the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. Also they even cheered for the local hockey team. Well, of course, they visited the unforgettable Finnish sauna.

Our students brought large bundle of knowledge, experiences and emotions brought foreign internship. And I want to believe that the efforts that lead, teachers of the institute and leaders of Norilsk Nickel Harjavalta Oy metallurgical plant put into trainings, soon will be paid off and will help our students to draw on experience - professional knowledge and skills in their graduation thesis and in their future professional activity.

N.M.Molchanova, assistant of the pro-rector for academic affairs and research for international activity of Norilsk Institute of Industry