The main goal of the conference was to elaborate indigenous cultural expressions based on multi-disciplinary perspectives in different contexts and indigenous approaches. The emphasis will though be the Sámi. The aim of the conference was also to strengthen the network of researchers on indigenous peoples’ cultural expressions on craft and arts and emphasize the academic duodji discipline in general. The conference was opened with a performance by the Masterstudents of duodji at Sámi University College.

Keynote speakers included associate professor Sherry Farell Racette (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg), artist and associate professor Mary Longman (University of Saskatchewan, Regina) professor Svein Aamold (University of Tromsø, Norway) and professor Gunvor Guttorm (Sámi University College). Invited presenters were also assistant professor Seija Risten Somby (Sámi University College), craftsman and teacher Thomas Marainen (Sámij Åhpadusguovddasj Jokkmokk), teacher Hanna Viitasaari (University of Lapland), dancer and choreographer Elle Henriksen (Guovdageaidnu), artist Katarina Pirak Sikku (Jokkmokk). Presenters were also student Rauna Triumf (Sámi University College), student Sigga Marja Magga (Giellasgas Institute, University of Oulu) and Community Project Manager Lois Edge (University of Alberta, Canada). Many of the keynote speakers and presenters represent the member institutions of the Indigenous Arts and Crafts Thematic Network within UArctic.

The conference gathered approximately 100 partipicants from all of Sápmi (Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Russian Sápmi).

With this conference Sámi University College wanted to highlight research within indigenous cultural expressions. Different academic disciplines were represented at the conference such as duodji, arts, pedagogy, and traditional knowledge. In addition many of the duodjiorganisation were represented and they both participated at the conference, and had their own meetings. This was a possibility to meet each other across landborders and discuss common issues.

During the conference there were also exhibitions. Sámi Duodji in Jokkmokk held an exhibit called Duodji 3, with Randi Marainen, Per Aira and Erica Huuva, students form Sámi University College and University of Lapland had a common exhibit, RiddoDuottarMuseat held an exhibit by artist Jon Ole Andersen, who also is honory artisan of Sámi University College and who celebrated his 80 year anniversary, and Per Isak Juuso and Gunvor Guttorm from Sámi University College participated with an common exhibit. Anna Igontoba, who represented Cheps Sam in Lovosero sold products.

Gunvor Guttorm
Professor in Duodji/ Leader of Thematic network Indigenous arts and crafts
Sámi University College
Hannoluohkká 45
9520 Guovdageaidnu