Course topics included the different interpretations, discourses and actors of, and changes in problem definition on ’Security’ and (re)defining Northern security – from traditional to environmental security, positive and negative security, relationships between energy, economic and environmental security. Human security was looked from the human rights perspective, Arctic food and water security and also from violence.

In addition food security was discussed in a presentation by Dr. Riitta Laitinen from MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Scenarios for smart energy systems and senior citizens smart living environment were given by University of Oulu researchers Dr. Antonio Calo (NorTech) and Eeva Leinonen (Information Processing Sciences).
Student had different backgrounds which was also seen as a positive things: “A very good program in terms of interdisciplinary approach to security and a set of student’s background also made a program interesting” said one of the student in his/her feedback form.

The course was funded by NordForsk Top-level Research Initiative “Effect studies and adaptation to climate change” as the fifth course organized by the Nordic Network “People and Ecosystems in a changing environment” led by Thule Institute and UArctic Thematic Networks on Health and Well-being in the Arctic, and Global Change.
More info: Research coordinator Kirsi Latola, email. kirsi.latola (at)