“The modern role of Russia in Arctic Council completely corresponds it’s presence in Artic. I would like to mention that the most important in the dialogue between arctic countries is not the struggle for resources and oil shelves but unique scientific cooperation”, - emphasized the representative of Russia in Arctic Council Anton Vasilyev. Rector of the NEFU Evgeniya Mikhaylova told guests about the most important events in the life of the University during the last time – cooperative projects with the leading concerns, organization and improvement of quality of teaching process, scientific achievements. After the end of the meeting the members of the Delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave the lectures for the teaching stuff, undergraduate and postgraduate students of the NEFU on themes “Foreign policy of Russia in Arctic region” and “Modern Russian-American relations”. The first one was dedicated to the international cooperation and projects in Arctic, their problems and ways of solution. The lecturer Anton Vsevolodovich mentioned that not only countries-members of the Artic are interested in this region, but also other so-called “spectator countries”. Oleg Petrovich told about the history of the relations between Russia and the USA, the modern political situation in the world, the disputes and partnership between the two countries.

Office of International Programs