This field school has been organized in concert with proven collaborators, both academic and community partners, in the Komi Republic. It will comprise of three courses for a total of nine (9) credits or and will involve five days of intensive coursework prior to traveling to Russia. Departing from Moscow students will spend 30 days traveling past the Arctic Circle to the reindeer herding camps of the Russian tundra. Between these two locales, students will observe and learn in greater detail the social, cultural and environmental challenges facing the populations of northern Russia.

The coursework will include one required course and two optional courses. Required readings will vary depending on which optional course is selected.

Required course:

  • ANTH 298-3 Introduction to Fieldwork

Two of the following six courses:

  • ANTH 214-3 Anthropology of Europe
  • ANTH 305-3 Circumpolar Ethnography
  • NORS 311-3 Lands and Environments of the Circumpolar North 1
  • NORS 321-3 People and Cultures of the Circumpolar World 1
  • POLS 298-3 The Russian North: Society and Politics
  • INTS 200-3 Contemporary Russia

The costs of the field school:

  • The cost of the field school is nine (9) tuition credits (approximately $1,388.79 for Canadian residents)
  • $2,650 fee to cover the students' direct costs in Russia (all meals, travel and accommodations).
  • Flight to Moscow and traveler health insurance

To apply or for more information, please consult our website or send an email to Dr. Michel Bouchard (