The Umeå University and the University of Nordland aim at developing collaboration regarding 60 ects (30 ects Social Work and 30 ects Master thesis) to be able to be main cooperative partners in the Arctic Master endorsement process of the "Master in Social Work with a Comparative Perspective" offered at the University of Nordland.

All institutions will make every reasonable effort to encourage direct contact, educational, and research cooperation between their constituents, including students, faculty members, departments, and research institutes, and will endeavour to cooperate in the fields with which both institutions are concerned. Within spheres that are mutually agreed to, these institutions agree on the following general forms of cooperation:

  • Joint educational and research activities;
  • Cooperation regarding Master in Social Work;
  • Exchange of academic material and academic publications;
  • Exchange of faculty members for research, lectures, and discussions;
  • Exchange of students for study and research.