There has not been an experience of giving a degree of Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies to 15 students in one year before so the ceremony will be specially festive and remarkable.

Northern (Arctic) Federal University is located in the North and its mission is forming and development of competitive staff resource in the Northern-Western Federal District of the Russian Federation. The Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies program has a strong northern focus and provides students with important knowledge about Arctic nature, resources, the environment, politics, peoples and cultures so it is the priority program for the NArFU. The program is based on interdisciplinary approach that gives students of all NArFU institutes an opportunity to take part in it.

The BCS program was launched in Arkhangelsk in 2005. Already 42 students have received their bachelor diplomas. The BCS program offered through the University of the Arctic is popular among NArFU students. It gives them opportunity to receive second higher education for free, to improve their academic English, and to obtain knowledge in the field of circumpolar regional studies. This makes them competitive on the labor market of the North.