The purpose of this seminar is to provide an opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of expert speakers, from academics, researchers, health practitioners, managers to policymakers, about health issues in the circumpolar north. It will contribute to national and international discussions on improving the health of northern and Arctic populations and contributing to the sustainability of health systems in the circumpolar north.

The two-day seminar will be a forum to explore common perspectives and future challenges of Europe's and Canada's northern regions, and discuss, exchange ideas and share experiences, to debate and gain the insights on the provision and delivery of health care in the north.

The anticipated outcomes will be to generate new research ideas; develop research agendas and the formation of networks through collaborative partnerships; and draw lessons from cross country comparison studies.

The Seminar will address the following thematic issues:

  • Prevention strategies
  • Implementation/provision frameworks
  • Education programs
  • Administration of health care systems

These themes will be covered in the following six sessions:

1. Health Care Systems in Northern Regions

2. Health and Wellness in the North

3. Risk, Health and Safety

4. New Challenges in Healthcare

5. Health Education

6. Policy Issues and Challenges

More information on the seminar from Thule Institute: Seminar website.