Over the past couple of years, Rovaniemi has strengthened its role as the centre for Arctic design. The change of the name of the week to Arctic Design Week is the first step towards the internationalisation of the world’s northernmost design week brand.

- The intention is for Arctic Design Week to be known in the future for the international presentation of Arctic Design. With the new name, we want to attract even wider interest from outside Rovaniemi, as well as making the name more attractive with northern exoticism, tells Arctic Design Week Producer Julius Oförsagd from Visual Norden Oy.

As with the previous year, the main venue for the event is the courtyard of Arktikum and the Pilke Science Centre, with the new addition of the Korundi House of Culture. The week’s content comprises exhibitions, seminars, discussions, networking and a variety of other events. Admission is free for the public for the majority of Arctic Design Week events.

The central idea for the week is to present Arctic design expertise as well as bringing together experts for networking. The event also strives to support enterprises with the strengthening of the design business of the Arctic.

The Arctic Design Week is arranged by Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency and produced by Visual Norden Oy. The week is implemented in cooperation with the University of Lapland, the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Pilke Science Centre, Arktikum, and a wide variety of corporate partners.

Arctic Design Exhibition 17 – 23 February
  • The exhibition comprises the works of students and alumni.
  • Products made by students and enterprises in the Design Boutique.
Arctic Design Week Grand Opening Ceremony at the Snow Arena on 17 February.

Arctic Design Seminar – The Stories 20 February.
  • “How does design benefit business?”
  • Stories from companies and makers
Arctic Design Round Table 21 February.
  • Discussions bring together the experts in the field to discuss Arctic Design.
Other events
  • Design Boutique, Design Brunch, Fashion Show (Saturday 22 February 2014) at the Snow Arena, Arctic Design and Food event, etc.  

Julius Oförsagd, Producer
Visual Norden Oy
Tel. +358 40 8668737

Jaakko Finne, Development Manager
Rovaniemi Regional Development Agency
Tel. +358 400 185 515