The size of the squad will be 30 people. The quota for each region of the Northwestern Federal District is 4 people. Students of age 21 and older have already taking part at student squads (preferably more than once), can participate in the project. Young people should be in very good health to pass medical examination, and be ready for harsh conditions of the Arctic.

The squad will take part in cleaning territories of the island Alexandra’s Land (Franz Joseph Land archipelago). The employer (“Sevmorgeo”) undertakes to provide all special clothing for working in the Arctic, and to ensure transportation to the place of work from Arkhangelsk. Meals will also be provided by the employer.

Duration is 2 months. Date of departure from Arkhangelsk – July 1st, date of arrival to Arkhangelsk – August 31st. Wage is about 60.000 RUB for a month. Deadline for application: April 10, 2013. Selection and training of participants will take place in NArFU

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