The Arctic is sometimes described as the last frontier in the development of energy resources. The Institute of the North’s Arctic Energy Summit will explore energy as a fundamental element of the sustainable development of the Arctic as a lasting frontier. Central to this concept is how a focus on richness, resilience and responsibility will provide a pathway for sustainable energy development in the Arctic.

The Arctic’s energy resources – from oil and gas development to renewable resources such as geothermal, wind, hydro and tidal energy – have received increased attention. There has been little corresponding appreciation for how Arctic communities use energy resources and benefit from production of and access to affordable, accessible energy.
Building on the work done at the highly successful 2007 Arctic Energy Summit and Technology Conference, the 2013 Summit will address energy extraction, production and transmission in the Arctic as it relates to three thematic areas: richness, resilience and responsibility.

The interactive conference format will include: 
-  Keynote speeches 
-  Workshops 
-  Panel discussions 
-  Paper presentations

This interdisciplinary forum is for scholars, energy industry officials, scientists, academics, policy makers, energy professionals and community leaders who share an interest in—and concern for— sustainable development of the Arctic and its energy resources. To register, or for more information visit:

Abstracts for paper presentations, session proposals, workshop proposals and poster sessions are welcome, with full details availalble from the Call for Papers PDF.

For further information contact Iris Matthews at