Dr. Heininen is Professor of Arctic Studies and Adjunct professor (Docent) of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Lapland (Finland), Visiting Professor at University of Akureyri (Iceland), and Adjunct Faculty at Frost Center for Canadian Studies, Trent University (Canada). He has been the chairman of the Steering Committee for the Northern Research Forum (NRF) - an innovative, joint Icelandic-Finnish activity to implement the interplay between science and politics - from the beginning in 1999. He is actively involved in speaking at international scientific conferences, and organizing international academic seminars, workshops and other gatherings, such as NRF’s Open Assemblies and the annual Calotte Academies. He is also the Editor of the Arctic Yearbook, and the leader of the University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Geopolitics and Security (studies).

The Icelandic Order of the Falcon is to be “conferred on Icelandic or foreign individuals for achievements to the benefit of the Icelandic peoples, specific sections of the community or parts of the country, or to the benefit of important and worthy causes in Iceland or in the international arena”. The Order is established in 1921. For more information on The Order of the Falcon: http://english.forseti.is/TheOrderoftheFalcon/.