The publication is about creating sustainable futures for rural and northern communities. It confronts critical issues and ways to facilitate positive change for communities that are experiencing economic and social transformation and provides strategies and tools for successfully dealing with the challenges and opportunities that come with this change. Editors Tor Gjertsen and Greg Halseth present examples from northern communities that illustrate a more holistic and integrated approach to local and regional development. Key themes explored include governance, community, economic, and social development, as well as development in Indigenous communities and regions.

The book is being co-published by the Community Development Institute at the University of Northern British Columbia and the University of the Arctic’s Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development in the North.

The book is also available as individual articles.

About the editors

Tor Gjertsen is Associate Professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway’s Alta campus, and the founder of the UArctic Thematic Network on Local and Regional Development. Greg Halseth is a professor of geography, Co-Director of the Community Development Institute, and Canada Research Chair in Rural and Small Town Studies, at the University of Northern British Columbia.