Nations around the world have identified innovation as being the cornerstone of economic competitiveness and critical to everything from job creation to environmental sustainability. Comparatively little effort, however, has been made to develop the research capabilities, highly qualified personnel, and commercial environments necessary to promote northern economic and social development.

Circumpolar Innovation examines the manner in which scientific and technological innovation, or the commercialization of technology-based products and services, is shaping the Circumpolar world. This course looks at the global role of scientific and technological (S&T) innovation and examines ways in which new technologies and new commercial processes can have a beneficial impact on the North.

The Circumpolar Innovation course has been developed by the UArctic Thematic Network on Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North.

The course starts on February 23, 2015 and runs until May 5, 2015. For more information on the content, see the course fact sheet. Sign up for the course here.