For whom? Students of IR, political sciences/social sciences; economics, geography and history, interested in European, Arctic and other Northern, and Nordic studies.

How to apply? Go to  and follow the instructions.

Deadline Send your application by 17 March, 2014.

Active participation in daily workshops. 
An essay of 10–12 A4 pages, i.e. 22.000–26.000 items on a relevant topic must be submitted by 18 June 2014.

Costs No registration fee. Accommodation in a cheap dormitory.

Five-day course
The ISSK’12 will be organized in Petrozavodsk 19-23 May 2014. In addition, the travel days Finland-Russia 18 May, Russia-Finland 24 or 25 May.

Excursion Additionally, there will be an opportunity to participate in a full/half-day excursion within Karelia, to nearby sites of general interest

Find the International Summer School flyer from here