Dr. Hannele Zubeck explained how transferring the Arctic Engineering Education from class-room to online has revitalized the MS -program at the University of Alaska Anchorage – the program is now available to engineering around the Circumpolar North. She is delighted that Kai Ryynänen from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences is adding an online course on Snow Engineering, and Dr. Pernille Erland Jensen from the ARTEK at the Denmark University of Technology is adding an online course on Environmental Impact Assessment of Arctic Mineral Resources. With this cooperation within the network the students have more options for elective courses to pursue their personal interests and to cooperate with their peers around the North. Students at each institution are required to complete a project at the end of their studies. The participants recommend that each student seeks a partner from another country and work together for the publication, either at equal level, or the cooperation could be a the level of project and term paper.

Other discussions focused on the issue of science vs. engineering. Dr. Riitta Kamula from University of Oulu notes that while Arctic Science is important and essential, one cannot forget that Engineers react, not just observe, and provide solutions for the challenges relating to climate change.
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