The conference is a part of the development project ArctiChildren InNet 2012-2014 – “Empowering school eHealth model in the Barents region”. The aim of the project is to develop new eHealth approaches and to strengthen the learning and health connection through multimodalities and ICT applications at schools.

Since 2003 in the ArctiChildren projects have been developed new working methods for improving the psychosocial and physical health and well-being, social environment and security of school-aged children in the Barents region. Besides the universities and colleges, also the schools with cultural and environmental differences in four countries (Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland) have been involved in the projects.

The conference brings together lecturers, researchers, eHealth and eLearning experts and students from the universities as well as practitioners and administrators involved in school children’s health and well-being. We welcome all of you from Nordic countries, North-West Russia and from other Europe and Arctic regions to participate in the conference.

Main theoretical and practical thematic areas in the conference are:
1. Developing school children’s eHealth and eLearning connection through multimodalities
2. Shared learning about international eHealth promotion
3. Developing new expertise for eHealth promotion in collaboration with working life and universities

Conference language is English, with Russian interpretation for the keynote speeches and parallel sessions.

More detailed information about the conference will be available by August 8th 2014